Sea of Time by Will Hubbell (2004)

HubbleSeaofTimeCover blurb

Note: This is the sequel to Cretaceous Sea. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the first book.

Constance Clements, a mine owner in 1880s Montana, knows a lot about the future – because she is a traveler from another time. But she never saw the murder of her husband coming…

Now, the shocked, grief-stricken Con will do anything to get Rick back – even alter history. Teaming up with a renegade time traveler, Con assumes the identity of a woman from the 27th century to try to prevent her husband’s murder. Too late she discovers that she is a pawn in a devious plot to endanger the future of all humanity. Con must gain the trust of a Rick from an alternate timeline, who has never met her, and race to the Jurassic Period – where they will have to outwit an enemy who has mastered both time and space…

My thoughts

Con, one of the surviving time travelers from Cretaceous Sea, planned to live the rest of her life in 19th century Montana. She and her husband Rick have used their knowledge of the future start up a profitable mining operation, and the couple has a young son. Then a mysterious stranger from the future comes asking for Con’s help. When she refuses, reality shifts: In the new timeline, Rick has been murdered and their son died in infancy. The stranger once again appeals for Con’s help. This time she agrees, hoping to prevent Rick’s death. So begins an adventure that will see Con journey to the far future, alternate timelines, and finally Jurassic North America.

Now this is more like it.

Sea of Time is a superior novel to its predecessor in about every way. It has a more interesting plot with better pacing and just enough twists to keep things interesting. Even the dinosaur scenes are better handled, showing Hubbell has sharpened his writing skills in between novels. At 360 pages, the book still feels a little long for the story it is trying to tell, but it is far from being a slog to read. The only downside is readers will need to first wade through the prosaic Cretaceous Sea in order to make sense of Sea of Time’s plot.



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