Blogs and Links

The following is a collection of blogs and other sites I follow, mostly paleontology related. Feel free to contact me with suggestions to add to the list. (Above image from College Humor’s Dinosaur Office.)


Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus — A blog about paleoart with occasional paleontology news. Also has a large number of links to other paleontology-related blogs.

Laelaps — Official blog of Riley Black, a science writer specializing in paleontology.

Tetrapod Zoology — Official blog of Darren Naish, science writer and paleozoologist. A bit heavier on scientific jargon, but still for general readers.

Mark Witton – Blog of the paleontologist and paleoartist, with many examples of great art.

Dinosaur Toy blog — Probably the most important site on the internet for the serious dinosaur toy collector.

Video channels

PBS Eons — A YouTube video series exploring the evolution of life on Earth. Good production quality.

BestInSlot — A YouTube vlogger who records playthroughs of video games, with dinosaur games his specialty.

Magazines/News sites

Prehistoric Times magazine — Definitely a must-have magazine for anyone who loves the mingling of paleontology with pop culture.


Donald Prothero — Home page of a paleontologist who has written several non-fiction books I’ve enjoyed. Among them was Abominable Science!, co-authored with Daniel Loxton, which is a good skeptical look at several famous “real-life” monsters, including the alleged dinosaur in the African Congo.

John Lee Schneider — Author of Age of Monsters series and other thrillers.

Dan Gallagher — Author of Ancient of Genes and other works of fiction.