“This blog looks familiar…”

Prehistoric Pulp has existed in one form or another for more than a decade now. Most recently, this blog was hosted on Blogspot, but was moved to WordPress in summer 2017. I tried to fix broken links and tidy up the writing, but you will still find errors and outdated references here and there.

What is “paleofiction”?

“Paleofiction” is shorthand for stories in which prehistoric animals or the science of paleontology is central to the plot.

Most fiction featuring prehistoric animals is targeted at children, and a few of those works are covered here. This site, however, is mainly about books and stories with an adult audience in mind, from Journey to the Center of the Earth to Jurassic Park.

Caveman romances such as Clan of the Cave Bear are not covered, with the main rule being the works must focus on extinct animals rather than prehistoric peoples. The books don’t always need to feature living creatures: Exceptions are made for works where paleontology and evolution are the main focus.

Feel free to agree or disagree with my reviews in the comments, or better yet, post your own review if you have read the book. I try to provide links to other reviews on the web whenever possible, so you can get a range of opinions rather than just mine.

If a book sounds interesting to you regardless of what I say, go grab it. Everyone has their own tastes.

Who are you?

My name is Walt Williams. I’m a journalist and 40-something man with a lifelong interest in dinosaurs, paleontology, and fiction featuring both. I have no expertise in either science or literature. Reading and reviewing paleofiction is just a hobby of mine.

Do you review self-published fiction?

As a general rule, no.

I mainly stick to fiction released by publishing companies. There are many self-published works on the internet, but to be honest, few are good. Also, reviewing self-published titles alongside mainstream titles is unfair to self-published authors, as their works have not been subjected to the editorial processes that published stories go through.

That said, I will occasionally review a self-published title because either because I enjoyed it or the book has received much attention.

Can I submit books for review?

I won’t turn submissions down, but I reserve the right to review or not review titles on this blog. Sending me a book is not a guarantee I will review it. Contact me ahead of time and I will be honest about the prospects of me writing a review for your book.